In the News: Terminal Renovation at Huntsville International Airport

terminal renovation at Huntsville International Airport

It’s official. Things are about to really take off at the airport. The terminal renovation at Huntsville International Airport should soon be underway now that the permit for the project has been issued.

About the terminal renovation

The terminal renovation at Huntsville International Airport will help create a better overall experience for travelers. According to reports, the $13.3 million renovation project has one major goal in mind. That goal is to make the terminal more accessible, ensuring it meets the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As of now, the airport has just one set of elevators and one set of escalators. Improvements will include adding another set of elevators as well as escalators.

What’s more, the renovation project will also feature improvements to the concourse area. Part of the plan includes adding family restrooms, lactation rooms and a service animal relief area.

What to expect

Airport visitors and travelers alike will start to see a few temporary changes as the terminal renovation at Huntsville International Airport begins. For starters, ramps will be built to connect the TSA exit area to the concourse, where the gates for the planes are found.

But airport officials noted that the construction should not affect the amount of time it takes to go through security, check in and get to your gate.

While no completion date has been given, earlier reports stated the massive project could take anywhere from two and a half to three years.

More about Huntsville International Airport

Located at 1000 Glenn Hearn Blvd. SW, Huntsville International Airport is the largest commercial airport in North Alabama. With 13 nonstop flights to major cities ranging from Atlanta to Miami to Las Vegas to Detroit, for instance, more than 1.2 million passengers travel through the busy airport each year.

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