In the News: New Greenway Access in South Huntsville

new greenway access in South Huntsville

The Huntsville City Council recently approved a new greenway access in South Huntsville, which is part of the Tennessee River Greenway. Keep reading for everything we know about this addition and the Tennessee River Greenway project.

Greenway Access in South Huntsville

Earlier this year, the Huntsville City Council authorized Mayor Tommy Battle to enter into a contract with Garver LLC to create Phase 3 of the Tennessee River Greenway. This contract permitted the surveying and engineering design related to this project.

This new addition would add 1.5 miles of new greenway between Hobbs and Green Cove roads and connect the Elgie’s Walk Greenway to Ditto Landing.

With this new greenway access in South Huntsville and the Waverly Road and Aldridge Creek greenway networks, this phase will create a 15-mile greenway loop.

This expansion of this greenway came as part of the City of Huntsville’s BIG Picture plan. According to their website, it was introduced to help direct the future of economic growth, neighborhood redevelopment, parks and greenways, transportation and quality of life for the citizens of Huntsville.

Dennis Madsen, Manager of Urban & Long-Range Planning, told reporters that, “When we put together our BIG Picture master plan, investing more in quality-of-life amenities like our greenways was a common recommendation from stakeholders.” So, “Providing this greenway access is a win-win for anyone who enjoys what Ditto Landing has to offer.”

Tennessee River Greenway

Huntsville’s Tennessee River Greenway is a short, scenic route in South Huntsville with a forested area on one side and the Tennessee River on the other.

The trailhead of the greenway is at Ditto Landing, which offers a great place to access the river to swim, fish, boat or even camp or picnic on the banks.

From there, you can further explore by adventuring down the Aldridge Creek Greenway, a 5.5-mile paved greenway along a wooded creek. And soon, the new greenway access in South Huntsville will be connected for your adventure as well.


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