Now Open: Fusion Barbecue in Huntsville

Fusion Barbecue in Huntsville

Have you had the chance to check out one of downtown’s newer barbecue joints? Of course, this isn’t just any barbecue. It’s Fusion Barbecue in Huntsville and it’s been taking off in the Rocket City since its June 1st opening!

Fusion Barbecue

Like the name suggests, Fusion Barbecue in Huntsville is a blend of a Southern classic with a “bold new take.” According to the website, they are different for a few reasons.

First of all, they start with high-quality cuts of meat. Second, they smoke them slow and low while combining them with Asian-inspired flavors.

Finally, what sets them apart is the restaurant’s vibe—and ordering system.

The Fusion way

Fusion Barbecue in Huntsville is introducing a new way to order along with its new taste of barbecue. After guests are seated, they will use an innovative QR code ordering platform to place their order.

Customers can order—and customize it—from their table. Then they press send. A few minutes later the order will arrive at the table.

This is one way Fusion Barbecue hopes to serve diners quickly and easily if they have a limited lunch break, for instance.

Asking yourself what’s on the menu? Plenty of unique barbecue choices for one thing!

The menu

For starters, customers can share appetizers like the pork belly bao buns or Wagyu brisket balls. If you feel like a salad, you can order the smoked watermelon salad or the Fusion salad.

The main meats feature Asian bourbon ribs, bulgogi beef belly, pulled pork and Wagyu brisket. They also serve sandwiches such as the bulgogi cheesesteak, for example.

There is a kids’ menu as well as a few sweet treats like peachy cream cheese wontons. Click here and scroll down to see each section of the menu.


Ready to taste the fusion of flavors? Head to 1300 Meridian St. North to find Fusion Barbecue in Huntsville in the Lincoln Mill District.

They are open six days a week. From Tuesday through Thursday and on Sunday, their hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday hours are from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Connect with Fusion Barbecue on Facebook or Instagram for the latest specials, live music and more!


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