Coming Soon: Renovations to Kids’ Space at John Hunt Park

renovations to Kids' Space at John Hunt Park

Log cabins. Rockets. Slides. What does it all mean? It means exciting renovations to Kids’ Space at John Hunt Park are currently in the works!

Kids’ Space gets a re-do

The renovations to Kids’ Space at John Hunt Park are part of a $6.8 million contract that includes a previously-announced skatepark. The skatepark with be built on about three acres between Kids’ Space and the soccer fields.

As for the park itself, the remodel will be expanding the already massive park footprint. According to reports, the park is closed as renovations begin this month. The projected completion date for the major project is about 14 months.

One project goal is to make the park more accessible for children of all ages and abilities. The park will also celebrate the Rocket City’s past, present and future with three themed areas.

The past, present and future

Residents and park visitors will have no problem letting their imaginations soar once the renovations to Kids’ Space at John Hunt Park are complete in 2023!

The upcoming section of the park that represents Huntsville’s roots will be known as “Early Huntsville.” It will feature a poured blue rubber surface symbolizing Big Spring. There will be a log cabin play structure in honor of John Hunt.

Hunt, a Revolutionary War veteran, built his home near the spring in 1805. Eventually, Huntsville was named in his honor.

The second section of the park will reflect the “Space Race.” The centerpiece will be a massive rocket climbing structure. It will also include sky cabins, a sky bridge, “atom nets” ropes course, a suspended balance beam and a big slide that takes you back to Earth.

Finally, comes the future. Known as “Future Exploration,” this section will feature mountain-themed plaza seating, cube-style climbing rocks, three caves, a slide and an imagination playground.

Click here to see a rendition of the future Kids’ Space.

Other renovation notes

Beyond the park renovations, improvements will include other aesthetic elements such as a “grassy turf” picnic area. Additionally, all the shade parents and kids alike love will not be lost!

In fact, more trees will be planted as well as shade screens, awnings and pavilions. There will also be planting beds, decorative fencing and completely new bathrooms.

Kids’ Space will remain at its current location off Memorial Park and Airport Road. That’s only one-and-a-half miles from us at Summer Place!


What’s not to love about a city that knows how to work hard and play hard? From entertainment districts to city parks, there is something for everyone in Huntsville! If you are searching for your next home in our bustling city, contact us today to ask about upcoming availability. Keep reading our blogs for more community news and things to do!


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