In the News: New Huntsville City Hall and Parking Deck

new Huntsville City Hall and parking deck

Residents and visitors alike may soon notice a flurry of demolition surrounding what is now the City Hall parking garage. Afterward, work on the new Huntsville City Hall and parking deck is expected to begin.

In the news

The City Council approved the proposed $76.8 million contract between the city and Turner Construction Co. during last month’s meeting.

The first step in the long construction process is demolishing the outdated current parking deck across from City Hall on Fountain Row. This will be the site for the new Huntsville City Hall and parking deck.

The demolition itself is expected to take anywhere from 60 to 90 days. Therefore, construction on the new City Hall will actually begin mid-2022. The projected completion date is set for 2024.

About the new Huntsville City Hall and parking deck

According to a recent report, the new Huntsville City Hall and parking deck will both be seven-story structures. City Hall itself will encompass approximately 170,000-square-feet while the parking garage will be about 195,000-square-feet.

Upon completion, City Hall will house around 365 employees. The adjoining parking garage will provide 568 spots.

The first level will be available for public use while the remaining six floors will be reserved for use by city officials and employees.

Overall, the new Huntsville City Hall hopes to be more efficient as well as cost-effective.

The large municipal building will consolidate the location of several interrelated departments. Hence, it will be much easier for citizens to conduct business with the city. It also eliminates the need for leasing multiple buildings for all its departments.

Plans for the new structure are state-of-the-art including quality amenities, technology, security and displays of public art.Designers and architects are incorporating elements and materials that will complement and blend well with surroundingdowntown architecture.


When all is said and done, Summer Place residents can hop in their cars and arrive at the new Huntsville City Hall and parking deck within about 15 minutes. Then they can easily renew their driver’s licenses and more from one location!

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