In the News: Main Event Entertainment in Huntsville

Main Event Entertainment in Huntsville

We love Huntsville for all it has to offer in terms of entertainment. And now we’re about to get another option to add to the list! Clear your calendar—or at least a day or two—in 2022. That’s when Main Event Entertainment in Huntsville, AL will officially open to the public. Never heard of them before? Read on to learn why this news has created ripples of excitement all over town!

More on Main Event Entertainment

Welcome to the main event! Owned by Bayer Properties, this new venue will stretch out across 50,000-square-feet at Bridge Street Town Centre as the first of its kind in Alabama. From delicious eats to recreational activities, visitors will love exploring every inch of this fun space.

What can I do at Main Event Entertainment?

Visitors won’t easily run out of things to do at Main Event Entertainment! They can:

  • Experience gravity ropes;
  • Try their hands at bowling;
  • Hit the billiards tables;
  • Host events like birthday parties;
  • Go ziplining;
  • Play more than 120 different arcade games;
  • Explore virtual reality; and
  • Compete in a game of multi-level laser tag.

Need to rehydrate or refuel? They also plan to offer a full-service menu, refreshments aplenty, and even cool craft cocktails. Yes, please!

When will the venue open?

We still have more than a year to go before we can step into the Main Event Entertainment venue. Plans say that the building will open on an undisclosed date in 2022.


Here’s looking at you, 2022! When it rolls around, you can take your friends and family to a brand-new venue: Main Event Entertainment in Huntsville, AL. From laser tag, to arcade games, to bowling, we can’t decide which option we’ll try first!

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