Things to Do: Visit Huntsville’s Public Murals

visit Huntsville's public murals

The Rocket City isn’t all science and math. Uncover the creative side of the city and visit Huntsville’s public murals. New art is continually popping up around the city so playing “I spy” never gets old!

Mural Hunt

Explore the city in a new light and make plans to do something different this weekend. There are a surprising number of colorful murals throughout Huntsville. Today we’re focusing on a selection of murals in Downtown Huntsville!

The Downtown Cluster

Visit Huntsville’s public murals and take fun pictures along the way. Below is a listing of some of our favorites that are fairly close together.

“Welcome to Huntsville”

  • Artist: Gracie Lenox Designs
  • Location: Big Spring Park, 132 Spring St. SW
  • About: Just inside Big Spring Park, a postcard-style “Welcome to Huntsville” design greets locals and tourists alike. The simple, bright art sets the scene for a fun selfie. Don’t forget to use the mural’s very own hashtag: #HelloHSV.


  • Artist: Dustin Timbrook and Community Volunteers
  • Location: Big Spring Park, 132 Spring St. SW
  • About: Swim with the vibrant koi fish like the ones found in in the park’s pond!


  • Artist: Jessie Andrews
  • Location: Downtown Huntsville, 120 Holmes Ave. NE
  • About: Think out of this world! The iridescent galaxy is a backdrop for our solar system with the planets coming off the wall. Find it behind the law offices at the corner of Holmes Avenue and Washington Street.

“19th Amendment”

  • Artist: Kimberly Radford
  • Location: Downtown Huntsville, 112 Washington St. SE
  • About: In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, this is one of the taller murals. The three-story image shows a young black woman reaching high with a watering can surrounded by bright butterflies and flowers. She’s watering a nearby tree on Washington Street with a watering can that reads “Votes for Women.”


  • Artist: Robert Bean
  • Location: Downtown Huntsville, 115 Clinton Ave. E
  • About: A black and white depiction of nightlife in a time gone by keeps this mural party going!

“Clinton Row Colorwalk”

  • Artist: Collection of Local Artists
  • Location: Downtown Huntsville, 100 Jefferson St. N
  • About: Series of murals of by several local artists lining the alley between Downtown Storage and The Mercantile.


  • Artist: Robert Bean
  • Location: Downtown Huntsville, 201 Green St. SE
  • About: Another photo op awaits! This interactive mural is a whimsical depiction that invites you to jump in and “hold” a bunch of balloons or ride a bike or stand under an umbrella.

Bonus Mural!

One mural we can’t resist adding to the list is on the side of car wash near Interiors by Consign at 8506 Whitesburg Drive. Once again, a colorful image celebrating the city’s connection to space, “Love You to the Moon and Back” by Anna Swatzell honors the memory of the Apollo launch.


Visit Huntsville’s public murals and feel inspired by the rich history of the city and the creative vibe that thrives here too! Want to be a part of it all? Find your new home with us at Summer Place! Want to discover more cool things about Huntsville? Keep reading our blogs featuring community news, events and business spotlights!


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