In the News: Tweetsville at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

Tweetsville at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

If you love birds or have always wanted to learn more about them, we have some “tweet” news for you! Tweetsville at the Huntsville Botanical Garden is a new attraction all about birds opening this February!

Designed to Inspire

Tweetsville at the Huntsville Botanical Garden is officially designated as an 18,000-square-foot children’s area, but adults will love it too! The focal point is birds and their habitats. One of the goals is to provide an authentic experience that let’s you take a sneak peek into bird behavior.

Have you ever tried to quietly creep up close to a bird to get a better look, only to have it take flight? Now is your chance to get up close and personal. The bird watch station is an enclosed landscape that attracts local and migrating birds as guests watch unseen behind one-way glass.

Curiosity Takes Flight

All of this in-depth interaction with the region’s natural bird population intends to build the connection among plants, animals, and people. Immersive experiences will spark curiosity as children and their parents explore Tweetsville at the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

This includes giant bird nests—making it easy to imagine life from a bird’s point of view. There will also be a model bird house display area that teaches you how to attract certain birds to your backyard.

Flock to the Gardens

Visitors can rest assured: birds will be on full view at Huntsville Botanical Garden. Tweetsville is in addition to the beautiful Lewis Birding Trail, which winds through the grounds and is open year-round. According to a recent press release, the Garden is a hotspot for birds and is listed on eBird, an online data base complied by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Bird lovers can expect to wear masks while inside and around others. While outdoor spaces allow for easy social distancing, please be sure to follow best practices as you enjoy Tweetsville, the trails and the Garden grounds.


Huntsville continues to grow and add new ways to enjoy life in North Alabama! From bird watching to rocket science, it’s a place that lets your imagination take flight! And if you’re a bird looking for a nest, come to Summer Place Apartments! We’ve got everything you need to get set-up. Just migrated here? Find out more about our unique city and fun things to do by reading our blogs!

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