Happening Now: Huntsville Ghost Walk

Huntsville Ghost Walk

What spirits are in store for you this season? Huntsville may be haunted—and you can see for yourself, if you’re brave enough! This October, make the most of the scariest month of the year by taking on the Huntsville Ghost Walk.

What is the Huntsville Ghost Walk?

The Huntsville Ghost Walk offers us a chance to learn more about which spectral citizens may be present in our city. As you stroll across town, your guide will show you spots of spooky significance and tell you about spirit sightings. Each tour lasts around an hour and a half to two hours!

Also, it turns out that our town may have more haunted history than we’ve realized. Visitors are welcome to pick from three different Ghost Walks this season! They cover the Twickenham Historic District, Haunted Downtown Huntsville, and the Old Town Historic District. So, if you like your first tour, you can always come back for more!

Visiting Details

As our title promises, the Huntsville Ghost Walk is already in session. There are three tours every Friday and three tours every Saturday. They meet at the Harrison Brothers Hardware Store, which is located at 124 Southside Square. Be there before 6 p.m.!

Visitors must make their reservations beforehand in order to attend! You can find children’s tickets for $5 and adult tickets for $12 online here. Book them ASAP—they’re selling out fast! Finally, your leashed dog is also welcome too!

Safety Reminders

We hope you have a chillingly cool time at the Huntsville Ghost Walk. Before you get your tickets, though, we have a few quick safety reminders to discuss!

Please, wear a mask on your walk. The tour operators will be taking precautions so that all attendees will remain socially distanced. Remember to listen to employee instructions, as well as all state laws. You can help out by ensuring you’re six feet or further from those not in your household. If you feel unwell, please stay home. Thank you for taking care of our terrific town and the people who live here!


We’ve talked all about the scary stuff you can find on the Huntsville Ghost Walk. Now, it’s time to discuss something much sweeter: life at Summer Place! You can explore our photos, floor plans, and application info online here. And if you want to learn more about events and news happening in town, visit our blog here.

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