New Business Spotlight: Regale Cupcakery

Regale Cupcakery

Have you ever bitten into a dessert after a long day and instantly felt miles better? It happens to us all! After working tirelessly and taking care of loved ones, we deserve to show ourselves some culinary TLC. Well, we can also support a local business next time we get something tasty, making it a win-win for everyone! Consider giving Huntsville’s Regale Cupcakery a visit the next time your sweet tooth needs some satisfaction.

More about Regale Cupcakery

You may have heard of Regale Cupcakery before now! In fact, its great reputation is years in the making! Owned by Travonee Simelton, this delicious business used to just sell its treats from food trucks and straight to customers from a tent. Now, though, it officially has a shop of its own! That means Regale Cupcakery can bring more amazing desserts to Huntsville—so consider supporting this sweet local business with a trip.

Though it’s still under construction, you’ll be able to visit their shop very soon. Plans say that the storefront will officially open either this month or in October. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy any cupcakes until then! You can track their sales spots online as they move around Huntsville.

What flavors of cupcakes do they offer?

It’s impossible to mention cupcakes without going through the menu—and Regale Cupcakery sure has a mouthwatering one. Some of the fantastic flavors they offer include:

  • Chocolate chip cookie;
  • Lavender lemon berry;
  • Funfetti sugar cookie;
  • Maple bacon;
  • Caramel delight;
  • Crème brûlée;
  • Sweet moscato;
  • And more!

Don’t see your fave on the list? Regale Cupcakery has another option you’ll love. You can order a “create your own cupcake” for just $4.50! Wow—now we’re really hungry!

Visiting Details

Hoping to support a local business and satiate some serious sugar cravings at the same time? Regale Cupcakery is bringing terrific tastes to the table. You find their weekly locations and hours posted ahead of time on their Facebook page. When the shop officially opens, you’ll be able to find it at 4925 University Drive!


Sometimes, we just really need to treat ourselves! If you’ve been dreaming of a delicious dessert, you’ll find a wide array of remarkable options at Regale Bakery in Huntsville. So go ahead—get something good!

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