In the News: The Poppy & Parliament

The Poppy & Parliament

If you haven’t been to downtown Huntsville lately, the perfect excuse to re-visit the hub of the city is the expansion of its first and only authentic British pub, The Poppy. The popular hot spot will soon be renamed The Poppy & Parliament and will be adding another layer of British flare with pub fare and a new gourmet store.

The Details

The formerly 1,400-square-foot pub will now double in size with the addition of a kitchen next door and a gourmet store and small bar upstairs. The idea is to satisfy both a demand by locals for authentic British pub food (and yes, there is a difference between pub and restaurant) and the cravings of “food from home” by owner and Yorkshire native Shane Brown, according to a feature published on The newly named pub—The Poppy & Parliament—is set to open the expansion in late August.

The Menu

The menu will feature such delights as fresh fish and chips (as in good New England cod and hand-cut, chunky chips!), homemade sausages, shepherd’s pie, oak-smoked salmon, and coffee souffle. But that’s not all that’s on the menu when you take the gourmet store into account. Guests will find rare treats like Cornish pies, European oils, homemade breads, and so much more!

Did you Know?

The difference between pub and restaurant food is pub food is more like hearty appetizers or small, filling meals instead of full 3-course dinners or lots of sides and meat-style menus. There are also  differences between pubs and bars. The main one being pubs are low-key, local hangouts with a focus on good beer versus a hopping, loud atmosphere typically pouring more liquor than beer.

And The Poppy & Parliament does not disappoint when it comes to good beer. In fact, it’s home to four British “beer engines,” which are uniquely built British dispensing devices meant for distributing traditional cask-conditioned ale utilizing a piston pump system. Another fun fact, local Huntsville breweries craft special casks just for The Poppy & Parliament. Cool stuff is happening in the Rocket City!


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