Local Spotlight: Harmony Park Safari

Harmony Park Safari

This summer is a bit different from all the others. As a global community, we’ve all been striving to flatten the curve, keeping our neighbors safe and healthy. This important task is vital—and you deserve a thank you for doing your part! Fortunately, there are some spots we can still visit while social distancing—like Harmony Park Safari. Hop in to learn more about this cool local treasure!

What is Harmony Park Safari?

Harmony Park Safari is a nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary in Huntsville. They provide a home for endangered animals, such giraffes and gorillas. Visitors can taking a driving tour in their own cars through the park as the inhabitants walk around freely.

What can I do at Harmony Park Safari?

Visitors can see a wide array of animals at their Harmony Park Safari visit. They can also buy food to (carefully and gently) feed some of the inhabitants. Some of the animals you can spot include:

  • Bison;
  • Llamas;
  • Kangaroos;
  • Emus;
  • Camels; and
  • Deer.

They also have a reptile house and other exhibits you can visit, though hours and opening may vary due to COVID-19.

Visiting Details

Soon, you could be driving through your own little safari! You can find Harmony Park Safari at 431 Clouds Cove Road in Huntsville, AL.

Their hours run from 10 a.m. to sunset, though the last car will be admitted one hour before the sunset, so that no one will drive in the dark. Admission costs $10 per person, with children aged 2 and younger allowed in for free.

Remember, animals big and small will be ambling about, so you will have to drive carefully. Though they normally offer rental cars, this has been discontinued for the time being, so you will need to use your own vehicle for the tour. Additionally, we advise bringing a mask and hand sanitizer to stay safe while you buy food and pay for your safari. Finally, make sure you bring cash or checks in order to pay, as they do not accept credit or debit cards.


You can still go on a little trip this summer—and practice social distancing at the same time. From gorillas, to llamas, to camels, wildlife is waiting for you at Harmony Park Safari. Don’t forget to bring your camera—you’ll get some great pics!

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