8 Things to Know About Huntsville, Alabama

things to know about Huntsville, Alabama

Walking around town teaches us a lot about our where we live! The community, the shops and restaurants, and the history—we’ve all learned a lot about our city, just by living in it. As we responsibly practice social distancing, it’s easy to miss spending time out and about. Luckily, you can step into the history of our town with these things to know about Huntsville, Alabama.

Japanese Gardens

Ever wanted to see a Japanese garden? You don’t have to leave town! You can find one at Monte Sano State Park. Plus, you can even camp, see mineral springs, or go running or biking on the trails. Sounds like a fun plan for when every calms down again!


Huntsville is home to about 199,637 people, according to a 2019 estimate. That’s a lot of potential new friends!


Our town wasn’t named after hunters or hunting, as you might guess. It was actually named after a man named John Hunt, who arrived in the area all the way back in 1850.

A Different Town Name

Huntsville wasn’t always named Huntsville! John Hunt gave it a different name: Twickenham. Famous English poet, Alexander Pope, lived at a house bearing that name. He died in 1744, 61 years prior to the settling of what was then called “Twickenham,” so the name was a tribute to him.

Indoor Football

When things get back to normal, football season may finally appear in our sights. You can even cheer on a local team of indoor football players: the Alabama Hammers!

Booming Employment and Economy

A booming economy is great for us all! Well, one of the things to know about Huntsville is that our town offers many employment opportunities in technology, start-up, government sectors.

City Size

As you walk or drive around Huntsville, do you ever wonder just how big it is? Our city is 220.27 square miles!

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Hunstville is connected to the stars! Our town, also given the moniker of “Rocket City” is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.


You’ve traveled the history of our town with these interesting things to know about Huntsville, Alabama. Now, it’s time to plan the future! If you’re looking for a wonderful place to live in town, you’ve found it: Summer Place! Check out our floorplans, amenities, and applications online. As for learning more about our hometown, visit our blog here.

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