Thanksgiving By the Numbers: 10 Fun Thanksgiving Stats

Fun Thanksgiving Stats

Good golly, it’s almost time to get our gobble on. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means fowled feasts are on the horizon. True to the spirit of the season, here are a few fun Thanksgiving stats to get us on a casse-roll!

We’re sold on Turkey Day.

According to a 2018 survey, more than 50 percent of respondents said that celebrating Thanksgiving was important to them. And we definitely prefer to be home for the holidays. Fifty-seven percent of people celebrate Turkey Day at home.

It’s a family affair.

Americans spend Thanksgiving with their families. In fact, 96 percent of American families get together for a feast on Turkey Day.

We’re fond of fowls.

It’s called Turkey Day for a reason. Almost 88 percent of Americans consume some kind of turkey during their Thanksgiving feasts.

Holiday travel is just what we do.

Americans travel back home during the holidays. Over Thanksgiving weekend, many Americans will travel more than 50 miles to get to their dinners. In 2018, estimates pegged that 54.3 million Americans traveled to get their poultry fix.

We love leftovers.

Thanksgiving leftovers are often times more revered than the Thanksgiving meal itself. Seventy-nine percent of Americans prefer their precious leftovers over the original feast. Popular dishes to serve leftover turkey are stews, chili, sandwiches, casseroles, and burgers.

Talk about a ton of turkeys.

In the United States, around 46 million turkeys are eaten over Thanksgiving. Would turkeys consider that “fowl” play? We think so. It’s at least one of the fun Thanksgiving stats that they personally find less enjoyable.

Turkey Day means traffic.  

The worst day to drive during the year is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, specifically from 3 to 5 p.m. Traffic improves a staggering 60 percent during the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving cooking is time-consuming.

On average, meal prep for Thanksgiving dinner takes Americans seven whole hours! Conversely, it only takes people on average 16 minutes to gobble up the feast—and have their stomachs stuffed.

Our eyes are on the pies.

Once Thanksgiving dinner is done, Americans like their pies. Pumpkin pie is a favorite, with 57 percent of after-dinner pies coming from this beloved gourd.

The price is right.  

For Americans, Thanksgiving might be more appropriate labeled as “Thrifts”-giving. On average, people spend $48.90 total on their Thanksgiving dinners. This includes the turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, cranberries, bread stuffing, carrots and celery, pumpkin pie, and coffee and milk.


We hope you and your family enjoy this upcoming Turkey Day–and that you liked these fun Thanksgiving stats about our “fowl”-vorite time of year. Thanksgiving is all about family, fun times, and returning home.

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